Party over, final snaps

A 5-metre high granite obelisk was revealed with suitable fanfare at the unveiling ceremony. It was engraved with the names of each of the 104 sculptors attending the symposium in alphabetical country order, so to read my name I would have had to have a ladder. I was quite impressed none the less.


Aragon, the sculptor from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, lends a human scale to my near finished piece (hopefully by next year the resin cast section will be bronze).


In their wisdom the folks tasked with siting the sculptures have placed mine, and any others with a whiff of aquatic sentiment, near bridges and along lakesides….


I am quite satisfied with the way that the final bronze cast upper section will sit on the stone.


The party is officially over, time to put away the bunting, China dolls back in their boxes, and bid Changchun farewell.