Cedars Pottery logo earrings

Mike kindly made a head for me to display our Cedars Pottery logo earrings. Love the hairstyle!


Turning a pot

The under  estimated skill of turning!

Paint A Pot Concentration

When you  are concentrating so hard in Paint A Pot you don't care what angle you are at to get that right mark.


Rohrman Antiguan Triathlon

We were once again delighted to support the efforts of the team organising this years Rohrman triathlon by donating trophies and mugs. Friars beach was beautiful and the athletes of all ages "plucky". You see the simmering tearing towards the buoys


Spiral Limestone Sink

As they say the shoemaker is the last to get new shoes but finally we are bucking the trend by having completed a limestone sink for our property.

Sink comp.jpg

Creating Jumby Bay Limestone Sheep

As ever Mike is willing to take on a challenge. This project was to carve limestone sheep based on the flock that live on Jumby Bay. When placed in there location one homeowner questioned a gardener on why the sheep hadn't moved for a couple of days !

Sheep comp.jpg